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We are happy to announce the solo exhibition Trash The Musical by Loretta Fahrenholz, which opens during Gallery Weekend Berlin 2023. The works on view emerged from a two-year dialogue with Fluentum’s historically marked space. During the opening week from April 26 – 30, we have daily opening hours from 11 am to 6 pm. Trash The Musical is accompanied by a number of events:

April 25
6 – 10 pm

Opening and spring reception

The opening will be accompanied by a spring reception in front of the building. The film Trash The Musical (2023) premieres at 6:30 pm.

April 29
2 pm

The Messy Picnic
An exhibition tour with Caroline Busta and Jak Ritger

Loretta Fahrenholz’s transmedia experiments refilter the past through the lens of Hollywood, using machine-learning images as a prism to sense off-screen violence, trauma, love stories, dreams and finding freedom in the forest. Caroline Busta (new media theorist and art critic) is joined by Jak Ritger (activist and production artist for Trash The Musical) to imbibe, dissect and extrapolate the entangled political and art history cobwebs contained within.

Free of charge, no pre-registration needed

April 30
2 pm

The Home as Everyday Stage
Combined tour through the exhibitions Loretta Fahrenholz: Trash The Musical and Margaret Raspé: Automatik at Haus am Waldsee

During the tour we discuss the film Trash The Musical (2023) by Loretta Fahrenholz and how the cinematic image has evolved since Margaret Raspé. The own domestic environment as a performative investigation of perceptual processes is also central to Raspé's work: already in 1971, she developed the so-called "camera helmet", which enabled her to film her automated everyday processes, including housework. The resulting films in Automatik show the artist's lived realities and question both social and cultural structures.

Free of charge, please register in advance (limited capacity).


The Videonale 19 Award by Fluentum goes to Eliane Esther Bots for her video work In Flow of Words. Many congratulations!

During the opening night, the Videonale Award by Fluentum was conferred for the fourth time on one of the participating artists. The award is endowed with 5,000 Euros and is intended to support young artists in the production of new works.

This year’s jury members were Prof. Dr. Stephan Berg (Kunstmuseum Bonn), Julia Höner (Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen), Lisa Long (Julia Stoschek Foundation), Anna Lena Seiser (Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.)) and Niels Van Tomme (ARGOS centre for audiovisual arts).

The V.19 exhibition as well as this year's prize-winning work can be visited at Kunstmuseum Bonn until May 14, 2023.


As part of Ab ins B!, Fluentum is hosting special screenings of works from its collection on March 25 and April 1. With thematic focuses on The Cintematic Eye (March 25), and The Knowlegde of Images (April 1), the two events bring together works by renowned artists such as Omer Fast, Patty Chang, Mario Pfeifer, Hiwa K, and many more. Ab ins B! is a program that highlights cultural sites located in the fare zone B, outside Berlin's S-Bahn ring.


Gernot Wieland has received the German Short Film Award 2022 for his 2021 film Bird In Italian Is Uccello. The work, co-produced by Fluentum and Phileas Projects, won in the category "experimental short film up to 30 minutes"and centres around planned but never performed theatrical production of Maurier's story The Birds in a psychiatric clinic in northern Italy. Heartfelt congratulations to the artist for winning one of Germany's most prestigious film prizes!


Tonight on October 21 is the opening of Christopher Kulendran Thomas’ Another World, a solo show at KW Institute for Contemporary Art that was realized with the support of Fluentum. Kulendran Thomas’ multimedia exploration of the lost legacies of the Tamil-Eelam movement founded during the Sri Lankan Civil War also features The Finesse, a major new commission that was developed together with longtime collaborator Annika Kuhlmann.


Fluentum is pleased to announce the launch of In Medias Res #2: Architecture in Motion. As the second reader from our project series In Medias Res: Media, (Still) Moving, the publication focuses on a material, visual, and historical analysis of the architecture of Fluentum’s grounds. Beyond exploring the architecture of the building, In Medias Res #2 discusses the political ramifications of the continued presence of buildings from the Nazi era.

On Saturday, September 17, from 4 to 7pm, we’re celebrating the release with a launch event including a talk by architect and partner at Sauerbruch Hutton, David Wegener, at 5:30 pm. Wegener oversaw the efforts to refit the historic marble-clad hall into Fluentum’s exhibition space and will be elaborating the strategies as well as difficulties in the re-use of historically charged buildings. The lecture will be held in German.


We're excited to announce our two-part group exhibition Kino, opening September 14, 2022, on the occasion of Berlin Art Week 2022. Kino will be split into two distinct parts, with an addition of new works and a rearrangement of the display taking place in the middle of the exhibition's runtime. The first chapter taking place from September 15 to October 29 includes works by Rosa Aiello and Dylan Aiello, Noah Barker and Dora Budor, Marie Karlberg, Peter Wächtler, and Jiajia Zhang. Chapter two featuring works by Ted Fendt, Simon Lässig, Katz Tepper, Peter Wächtler, and Jiajia Zhang will be on view from November 4 to December 17.


As Anja Kirschner's exhibition UNICA is coming to a close, Fluentum is celebrating a joint finissage and exhibition catalogue launch. On July 16, opening hours will be extended until 7 pm and an artist talk between Kirschner and philosopher and art historian Marina Vishmidt will take place at 4 pm. Vishmidt, whose research practice centers around the relationship between art, value, and labor, is the Rudolf Arnheim Visiting Professor at the Institute of Art and Image History at Humboldt University Berlin and has been teaching at Goldsmiths College in London since 2016.

Featuring essays by Luisa Lorenza Corna, Claire Finch, and Lisa Jeschke, as well as an introduction by the curators Dennis Brzek and Junia Thiede, the catalogue understands itself as both UNICA's final chapter and a key for the project's entangled references, intersections and repetitions principle. It was designed by Katja Gretzinger and is published by DISTANZ Verlag.


Fluentum is pleased to present UNICA, a new video commission and eponymous solo show by artist and filmmaker Anja Kirschner. UNICA is the second exhibition in Fluentum’s three-year program series In Medias Res: Media, (Still) Moving, which focuses on the methods and processes of remembering and storytelling in moving image works.


Fluentum is pleased to announce the launch of In Medias Res #1: Histories Read Across. The book is published on the occasion of the exhibition and project series In Medias Res: Media, (Still) Moving, which takes place at Fluentum from 2021 to 2023.


On the occasion of the Berlin Art Week 2021, Fluentum is pleased to open Time Without End – a group show with 13BC (Vic Brooks, Lucy Raven, Evan Calder Williams), Klaus vom Bruch, Keren Cytter, Loretta Fahrenholz, Margaret Honda, D’Ette Nogle, Richard Sides, Valerie Snobeck, and Florian Wüst.


The Videonale 18 Award of the Fluentum Collection goes to Che-Yu Hsu for his work 副本人 (Single Copy). Congratulations!

For the third time, Fluentum is funding the Videonale Award of 5,000 Euros to support artists in the production of new works.

The competition jury was consisting of: Stephan Berg (Director of the Kunstmuseum Bonn), Fatima Hellberg (Director of the Bonner Kunstverein), Matthieu Lelièvre (Art historian, independent curator and consultant at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon) and Linnea Semmerling (Director of the Düsseldorf Inter Media Art Institute).

This year's iteration of the Videonale with the title Fluid States. Solid Matter as well as this year's prize-winning work can be visited at the Kunstmuseum Bonn until April 18, 2021.


Dennis Brzek (Curator) and Junia Thiede (Artistic Director). Photo by Frederic Schweizer.

We are excited to announce this year’s curatorial team behind the program series In Medias Res: Media, (Still) Moving. Dennis Brzek, at the invitation of Junia Thiede, joins Fluentum as curator. Together they have co-curated an extensive exhibition and project series that is dedicated to a concrete investigation of the historically charged architecture of Fluentum’s grounds. Featuring a group exhibition as well as several solo exhibitions, both in parallel to a three-part publication series, the program marks the first time Fluentum will focus on the political, visual, and discursive dimensions inscribed into its building’s history.


We are excited to announce the launch of the bilingual publication Sender and Receiver – Christian Jankowski in conjunction with the eponymous exhibition by Christian Jankowski at Fluentum.


Due to the coronavirus shutdown in Berlin, we have to close Christian Jankowski's show Sender and Receiver.


Fluentum's founder and director Markus Hannebauer participated in the symposium The Art of the Moving Image in Digital Times on the occasion of the 4th edition of the international film and art festival Kino der Kunst in Munich (October 27 - November 1, 2020). Markus was also a jury member for this year's Project Pitch Award, which supports young European artists and filmmakers to produce new works.


On the occasion of the Berlin Art Week 2020, Fluentum was pleased to open Sender and Receiver – a solo show with Christian Jankowski.


Unfortunately, we had to cancel our exhibition with Emilija Škarnulytė because of the coronavirus shutdown.


On the occasion of the Berlin Art Week 2019, Fluentum was pleased to open Speaking Images – its first exhibition of works from the collection.


On the occasion of the Gallery Weekend Berlin 2019, Fluentum was pleased to inaugurate its collection publicly with a solo exhibition by Dutch artist Guido van der Werve (born 1977).


Sohbrab Hura wins the Videonale.17 Award of the Fluentum collection.


Randa Maroufi wins the Videonale.16 Award of the Fluentum collection


Fluentum supports Sven Johne's premiere of The Long Way Home at Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.


Fluentum supports Omer Fast's exhibition Talking isn't always the solution at Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin.


Has the Market Failed? — A panel at viennacontemporary 2016


Collecting Video Art — A panel at VIDEONALE.14