Ignacio Uriarte, ASDFGHJKLÖ


In Medias Res: Media, (Still) Moving
Publication series 2021 – 2023

Our program series In Medias Res: Media, (Still) Moving is framed by a three-part series of publications dedicated to the concrete investigation of our building's history. The series forms the first comprehensive treatment examining the site.

Each publication has a thematic focus, such as the critical analysis of the building's National Socialist architecture, the influence of the U.S. Allies in Germany and West Berlin in particular, as well as cultural memory and film. In this context, they reveal historical breaks as well as continuities up to the present. The research and production of the publications is carried out in close cooperation with public institutions such as the Allied Museum in Berlin-Dahlem, state archives and historians, as well as witnesses who share a personal connection to the building and its history.

The book series is published and distributed by Mousse Publishing.

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