Junia Thiede, January 2021

Sender and Receiver

The bilingual catalogue Sender and Receiver – Christian Jankowski was published in conjunction with the eponymous exhibition by Christian Jankowski at Fluentum.

The polyphony of essays, descriptions of works, and personal accounts contextualize and further develop the contents channeled in the exhibition. Here, a key moment from Jankowski's three-decade-long artistic practice is explored, reflecting on the complex appearances of transmission processes and moments of disruption in a mediatized society. The contributions are accompanied by extensive photo series, some of which feature material from Jankowski's archive that has been published for the first time.

With essays by Robert Eikmeyer, Wenjie Sun, Junia Thiede and Annette Tietenberg. Published by Kerber Verlag.

Sender and Receiver
Christian Jankowski
Editor in chief Markus Hannebauer
Edited by Junia Thiede
Texts by Robert Eikmeyer, Wenjie Sun, Junia Thiede, Annette Tietenberg
Design by Jörg Adam
Kerber Verlag, January 2021
Hardcover, 20 x 25 cm, 184 pages
ISBN 978-3-7356-0756-0
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