Christian Jankowski

Sender and Receiver

September 9 – December 12, 2020
Opening September 8, 5 – 9pm

For the exhibition Sender and Receiver, Christian Jankowski appropriates probably the most famous pair of classical communication theory: sender and receiver, inevitable in the act of exchanging information of any kind. At the same time, he examines what lies in between—the moment of transmission—which determines the outcome of a successful dialogue or its ultimate failure. This fragile as well as productive threshold will be addressed by a selection of new or rarely shown works that revolve around topics such as professions, callings and (basic) needs.

At the centre of the show resides the latest video work of the eponymous title Sender and Receiver (2020), co-produced with Fluentum. In it, the artist temporarily gives so-called essential workers a platform via selected TV formats to publicly share their personal experiences and impressions of a life reality, which has been altered by the pandemic. In this way, idiosyncratic narratives emerge, which for this brief moment linger over the otherwise intact world of everyday television as a complex layer.

With Everyday Tasks - Sphere of the Gods (2019), Fluentum presents for the first time a work that is not solely dedicated to moving images. As part of this installation, a free-standing washing machine thrones in the black marbled atrium, where guests were invited to clean their work-specific clothes, thus combining a visit to the exhibition with their laundry day. The machine interacts directly with a sculpture available for hanging up the laundry, and which will change its shape again and again during the course of the exhibition due to its use by the visitors. Usually known as a solitary figure unimpressed by its environment, the sculpture thus joins the sphere of everyday tasks and completes the pragmatism of the scenery.

Other works take up various aspects of the transitional period, for example in the form of travel and hence the physical crossing of borders. Global Membership (2019), an installation consisting of elaborately designed suitcases, was originally commissioned for the new London headquarters of Soho House. Through the pandemic’s perception filter, it now points, among other things, to the concrete effects of usually constantly moving globetrotters on the worldwide companies and networks that flourish through them.

The work Sender and Receiver will be shown in parallel at the 2nd edition of the Bangkok Biennial Escape Routes in autumn 2020. A catalogue published by KERBER Verlag will accompany the exhibition.

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