Markus Hannebauer, May 2019

Guido van der Werve

Walking frozen waters in front of an icebreaker, undertaking a 1,000-mile triathlon from Warsaw to Paris, or standing on the North Pole for a full twenty-four hours—the films of Guido van der Werve (born 1977) are often driven by sheer physical stamina. Yet at the same time—and not without a good portion of dry wit—they convey striking and clear images for existential and universal feelings: longing, melancholy, isolation, the precarity of life. Van der Werve—a classically trained musician as well as a passionate athlete—always stars as the lead actor of his intricately composed films and often writes his own musical scores. Published by KERBER Verlag on the occasion of the inaugural exhibition at Fluentum this book showcases the artist's oeuvre through a selection of six works.

Guido van der Werve
Number eight, nine, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, seventeen
Edited by Markus Hannebauer
Texts by Michael Maizels, Jenny Johnson, Isabel de Sena
Design by Jörg Adam
Kerber Verlag, May 2019
Hardcover, 20 x 25 cm, 120 pages
ISBN 978-3-7356-0601-3
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