Guido van der Werve

Number eight, nine, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, seventeen

April 25 – June 22, 2019

The films of Guido van der Werve (b. 1977) convey pleasure in unexpected juxtapositions, find poetic meaning in physical stamina, and show the poignancy of isolation. This exhibition — a selection of six films from his Numbers series — shows the Dutch artist as the lead actor in thoughtfully conceived scenarios, where his deadpan earnestness is lightened by the nuanced staging of his cinematography and an undercurrent of dry wit. Several of the films feature classical music, often composed by the artist himself, and are characterised by the artist’s own activities as a performer, exposing himself to tremendous hardships and dangers.

Fluentum currently supports the production of van der Werve's new work Number eighteen — a poetic self-examination on how the artist's inferiority complex and fear of death saved his life. In 2016, van der Werve had an accident while cycling through Berlin. He spent two months in a Berlin hospital fighting for his life. A development in a fast-forward followed. He could no longer do it alone, he had to rely on help from others.

Mankind has always been trying to escape death. Number eighteen will illustrate van der Werve's attempts to do so, furthering his earlier works shown in this exhibition.

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