13BC (Vic Brooks, Lucy Raven, Evan Calder Williams), Klaus vom Bruch, Keren Cytter, Loretta Fahrenholz, Margaret Honda, D’Ette Nogle, Richard Sides, Valerie Snobeck, Florian Wüst

Time Without End

September 15 – December 11, 2021

The group show Time Without End presents works dedicated to the textures of time, history, and the moving image. Drawing from the friction between the numerous aesthetics as well as historical paradigms that form the substance of Fluentum's premises, the works in the exhibition expose a parallelism of temporal states. Employing strategies of montage and research, staging and duration, they create formal as well as narrative breaks in the chronology of history. In doing so, the works often make references to concrete incidents and historical-political contexts that form a palimpsest of pasts and define time as productive material. Their references do not merely bear witness to a past, but actualize an encounter and engagement with it, pushing subliminal presences into view using the medium of the moving image.

In addition to videos and other works that make visible the encounter with historical material and its translation into contemporary formal processes, Time Without End presents new productions that take Fluentum's multi-layered context as their concrete point of departure.

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