Guido van der Werve, 2009

Number twelve – variations on a theme

In Number twelve, variations on a theme Guido van der Werve conducts the audience in daring spheres of knowledge. The acts are tangible but destined to remain unresolved: Composing a concert for chess and piano in A minor on a piano-chessboard of his invention, researching the perfect tune on a piano and, finally, embarking on the impossible challenge of counting the stars.

The meditative, slow rythmed musical score, subdivided into three movements, opens with the artist engaged in a chess game at the renowned Marshall Chess Club in Manhattan, attended by Duchamp himself during his stay in New York. Then, in the second and third movements, the film moves through natural, boundless landscapes, made even grander by the aerial shots, while the artist’s slight figure progressively walks away. (Maria Rosa Sossai)


Number twelve – variations on a theme
Guido van der Werve
1 channel video, color video, stereo audio
1920px x 1080px, 40'