Dani Gal, 2012

September is The New Black

In September is The New Black, Dani Gal works with the excessive media coverage of one of the most iconic terror attacks, which took place during the Munich Olympics in 1972. More than ten films, both fiction and documentary, have re-enacted this event. The work examines the mechanism of re-enacting historical events using cinematic tools, emphasizing different perspectives on how confusion is created about the different roles and their evaluation in this event.

The video shows all the films layered on top of each other using transparencies. The films show the event in chronological order, and therefore show identical scenes of the event, but represented differently in each film, and the same characters only look similar to each other.

Layering them on top of each other, points at the gap between an event itself, its representation through media in film and television, and between each representation. None of the films tell the exact same story; there is confusion in who is who and who did what during the event. This effect happens not only because of different interpretations of the event or multiple versions but also due to obligations to media standards and production values.

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September is The New Black
Dani Gal
1 channel video, color video, stereo audio
720px x 576px, 37'23"