Joep van Liefland, 2015

Remote Control

Joep van Liefland's work focuses on the phenomenology of media and their transformation. He is particularly interested in the matter of impermanence and disappearance that are closely connected to technological progress. Van Liefland addresses the process of alteration and transformation as well as the universal concepts that underlie the transition from old to new.

For his art pieces, Joep van Liefland uses various outdated distribution and storage devices. He arranges them into space-filling installations, as in the work series Video Palace, or uses them to create sculptures, wall objects, screen prints, and collages.

For the Fluentum collection van Liefland casted something we all are always looking for: a remote control.

Register (FL//041)

Remote Control
Joep van Liefland
sculpture, bronze
5,7cm x 16,8cm x 1,5cm