Ignacio Uriarte, 2011


In this audio installation the German punk musician Blixa Bargeld rhythmically and repeatedly recites the letters A S D F G H J K L Ö with varying tonalities.

The audio loop takes approximately 33 minutes and consists of – if you want – 28 chapters with 9 phrases/repetitions in each chapter. In it, Uriarte, respectively Uriarte and Bargeld forge a bridge: they begin with a rather casual declamation of the letters, they head on to more intensive, awkward and particular ways of reciting and they return to the rather casual reading of this central line of a typewriter.

Even within the single repetitions one hears specific rhythms, changes from soft-spoken phrases to phrases spoken in a loud voice or vice versa. These changes create an almost exciting narration built with the letters, a narration that can be understood as a mirror of our daily work rhythm.

To accompany the sound, a large screen print is added showing the letters of the spoken line. This is part of the installation.

Installation view © Simon Vogel.

Register (FL//020)

Ignacio Uriarte
audio installation with poster, offset print, stereo audio
89cm x 124cm, 33'