Marc Aschenbrenner, 2012

6 Ameisen | 6 Ants

On abandoned planets and lost posts, on orbits around nothing: the giant green head and snowmen, the backpack and wheel people, the algae-covered, golden, sweating figures, the snail-like, insect-like, tightly-wound creatures from Marc Aschenbrenner's cosmos move within un-storied spaces. They are lonely. They feel, but their feelings are often unrecognizable.

Every moment is a condition. Either they blindly fight against the violent acts that tear at them, or they surrender to the elements and float, swim, completely die in them. And sometimes, there is only breathing - as the sole sign of life and the expression of ultimate abandonment. Like an astronaut who glides through space and can only hear himself inhale and exhale in the all-encompassing silence.

Marc Aschenbrenner studied painting; then experimented quite early with Super 8 film techniques and increasingly turned to video. Whether in film, performance or drawing, the artist asks first and foremost how a person becomes an image and a figure, i.e., how a figure is created and disintegrates, how a symbiosis occurs with the space. "Formally, I try to work as simply as possible and remove the inessential." says the artist.

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6 Ameisen | 6 Ants
Marc Aschenbrenner
1 channel video, color video, stereo audio
1920px x 1080px, 15'