Cyrill Lachauer, 2020

I am not sea, I am not land

On the occasion of the extensive project I am not sea, I am not land at the Haus der Kunst, Fluentum has supported a new series of works by Cyrill Lachauer. It consists of a multi-part installation including films, videos, photographs and texts. I am not sea, I am not land can be read as a bleak further development of his last film Dodging Raindrops – A Seperate Reality, which was also funded by Fluentum.

At the center of Lachauer's new works lies the human idea of land in its various manifestations: from the idealized form of home to political dimensions regarding the annexation and occupation of land as "undiscovered" territory. Lachauer does not remain the distanced observer behind the camera in this respect, instead he also questions his own position by taking up socio-political issues concerning gender, identity, social class and nation.

Cyrill Lachauer at Haus der Kunst


I am not sea, I am not land
Cyrill Lachauer