Noa Gur, 2009

Staircase Flesh

In Noa Gur's video piece Staircase Flesh, a gray concrete floor is projected onto the floor of the exhibition space. The image slowly conveys information into the gray frame, where a reflection of water flows into a puddle, drawing a visual field that is constantly changing.

After a few seconds, the puddle freezes and for a brief moment encourages the viewer to gaze at the image projected: The artist walks naked down metal steps in a repetitive movement, scaling down into the abyss. The work such describes a double movement: The way we see the human body as a whole and the way to understand an action in parts.

Register (FL//013)

Staircase Flesh
Noa Gur
1 channel video, color video, stereo audio
768px x 576px, 1'22"

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