Stefan Panhans, 2005

Sieben bis Zehn Millionen

The face of a man wearing an orange and red chequered hip-hop cap and thick fur-lined hood stares at us with piercing blue eyes and stubbles from the front, constantly, almost aggressively.

Sweating and in a kind of hysterical Staccato and a cool mixture of slang one is more familiar with from music videos, he tells us about how he goes about buying a certain high-tech hardware which is not further identified.

With almost sectarian, preacher-like vividness he speaks about the exhausting work of consumption, the daily confusion and the paranoid moments in today's shrines of consumption. Via the meticulous, obsessive, nightmarish search for a product, he becomes completely caught up in the attempt to attribute something mystical, almost pseudo-religious, to making a purchase decision.

Register (FL//043)

Sieben bis Zehn Millionen
Stefan Panhans
1 channel video, color video, stereo audio
1920px x 1080px, 5'23"