Sven Johne, 2020


A man in his mid-forties walks through summery Istanbul in 2019. He visits various tourist attractions, for example the Galata Bridge, the Hagia Sophia and the Grand Bazaar, he takes, like everyone else, the ferry across the Bosporus, in short: a typical tourist in an Oriental cliché. The off-screen audio tells (in the manner of an inner dialogue) the real story. It is a story that began many years ago in East Berlin, a story of state violence, of opposition, betrayal and prison. But it is above all a story of father and son, in which Istanbul and an international night train called "Meridian" play a major role. East Berlin in the 1980s and today's Istanbul are interwoven in Meridian.

Register (FL//078)

Sven Johne
1 channel video, color video, stereo audio
3840px x 2160px, 30'