Shingo Yoshida, 2013


In his film Error Shingo Yoshida focuses on a glitch in a streetlamp at Alexanderplatz, the rhythmic flickering appears almost to be staged; This malfunction, those moments when the lights turn off, mark its presence. It paradoxically shows itself only as it suddenly disappears.

Yoshida relates this curious public incident, that occurs night after night just outside his studio, to a silent personal reflection of one's own alienated presence amidst an urban setting, where an overwhelming network of functionality attempts to guide us so that we do not have to grope in the dark.

However, this ultimately shrouds a latent frailty and absurdity that flashes like a pleading morse code, yet goes unnoticed and almost forgotten. By screening his reaction to this phenomenon on his studio window Yoshida opens up a dialogue between the two objects, the lamp and its representation, drawing our attention to these frailties.

Register (FL//036)

Shingo Yoshida
1 channel video, color video, stereo audio
1920px x 1080px, 11'15"